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10 Ways Joshua Tree Makes Desert Dreamin’ a Reality

Desert thoughts may not necessarily be our default daydreams, but a getaway to Joshua Tree is seriously about to be on your radar. It'll be #Desertgoals (like #dessertgoals but without the cake) galore for your Instagram feed. These scenes from Joshua Tree, CA, will present a solid case for adding it to your daydream docket for good reason. Deserts aren't just hot and sticky barren lands riddled with prickly cacti; they're also chock full of beautiful tones, starlight skies, unique art, and wide open spaces. Did we mention coffee, saloons, and delightful vintage shops? Yeah, that too. Don't even get us started on the sunsets . . . we'll let the photos convince you.

7 Reasons Joshua Tree Is the Ultimate Desert Escape

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